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Ortofrutta Caligari & Babbi S.r.l. work about cultivation and production of fennels of totally italian origin, for a genuine, healthy and good to taste. Crunchy and slightly sweet, rich in water and vitamins, diuretic and digestive, fennel is a candidate to be one of the best vegetables concerning the benefits for the entire organism.

There are two varieties of fennel: the wild is a wild plant, perennial and branched that reaches 2 meters in height and which leaves and fruits are used, that are normally called seeds, and the cultivated tap root, which remains under a meter in height, and has a less pungent flavor. Fennel most commonly used part is the bulb, it’s color varies from white to pale green, with a structure of leaf tightly overlapped to form a tapered stem.

Beloved since ancient from a medical and culinary prospective, it can be eaten raw or cooked. And doing so is a real cure. There is in fact a well-founded reason if a fennel tea is famous for its digestive properties.It ‘also a powerful carminative, that takes away the pressure generated in the digestive intestine from the stomach, and antispasmodic, which helps to soothe colic and painful component of both the renal colic because of menstrual pain.

All thanks to the elements that compose it. Fennel, diuretic because rich of water, contains several natural antioxidants and phytonutrients. Not to mention how this vegetable is so low in fat as it is rich in fiber, which, in addition to helping you lose weight, is essential to reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

And, since the fibers remove potentially cancerous toxins from colon, here is another tumor that its consumption helps combat. Nutrients like folic acid, or vitamin B9 are useful to prevent anemia and necessary for the synthesis and repair of DNA, especially in the growth phase, which makes it essential both for children and for adults - especially for pregnant women or who wants to conceive.

Fennel cantains also a good dose of potassium, which helps to fight hypertension.

All this being enclosed in a this tasty vegetable that should never miss in the kitchen.